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Our mattress buying guide and review portal is featuring the most popular brands and types available in Canada. Finding the perfect mattress is important for a good night’s sleep. In order to choose from the best selection of mattresses, beds or sleeping system, we collected the leading stores near you!
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It is almost impossible to imagine yourself going to sleep on anything else other than a good, comfortable mattress. The mattress sale trend in Canada has over the decades been very popular mainly because of the amazing discounts offered by the sellers and the fact that a mattress plays a critical role in one’s quality of sleep.

There has been a definite evolution of the mattress since it was first invented. Today, a mattress can be defined simply as large pad which supports a reclining body and which can be used as a bed by itself or form part of a bed. The contents in a mattress vary widely, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a mattress filled with water, air or even foam rubber.

When it comes to offers, you bear in mind the various needs you have and of course the features that a particular mattress has which will enable it serve you well. Mattress sale happens almost every other week. It is, therefore, upon you to know the best time to buy and from what seller. This boils down to research and the ability to establish your needs and match them to what the mattresses on sale can offer.

Features of a good mattress
Comfort – The whole essence of a bedroom is comfort. Over the years, manufacturers and researchers have been working hard to improve the comfort that a mattress can deliver. Consequently, this has led to get the better and better mattresses.

Design – Mattresses are basically designed to be placed on a bed. However, in the recent past, mattresses are increasingly being used as beds themselves. The purchase of a bed, therefore, becomes of no importance in the face of a mattress designed to serve as a bed.

Quality materials – Over the years, mattresses have increasingly become superbly good where quality is concerned. Long gone are the days when you’d fear that once you sleep on it, a mattress will get a depression which will refuse to go away. Among the materials used to make those today include latex foam, cotton, springs and others.

Things to know when going for shopping
Whenever mattress sales are in Canada, some confusion on the part of the buyer especially when it comes to the best price might arise. Here are some things that you will need to consider when you are on a shopping tour.

1. The budget you have – There are many types of mattresses available at the local stores today. Some of these mattresses such as pocket spring, memory foam, and waterbeds can be very expensive even when a huge discount is deducted from the tag price. On the other hand, there are air mattresses, foam mattresses, and latex mattresses which are reasonably priced and a small discount on such makes all the difference.

2. The support and the comfort you are looking for – Oftentimes when buying a mattress, bear in mind that it is supposed to support you for several hours and at the end of the sleep you will need to be relaxed and fresh. There are mattresses designed to hold more weight which is perfect for overweight people while others are more suited for lighter body types.

3. Therapeutic needs – As one grows older and as the modern daily working schedules take a toll on one’s life, back pain becomes all too common. This is why when you go for a mattress sale, you should look out for that piece which will alleviate existing pain as well as enable you to rest well to prevent any.

4. Whether you need to tweak the bed – You might have a partner with whom you don’t seem to agree on the right mattress to buy. Luckily for you, the manufacturers are making air mattresses which can be tweaked. When you buy such a mattress, you can tweak whichever side of the mattresses with different materials which the partner or you prefer.

5. Where to buy – In Toronto alone, there are dozens if not hundreds of mattress retailers as the same as other major cities of Canada. It is advisable to buy from a seller who offers warranties or at least offers good customer service. The more a seller is trusted by buyers, the more they tend to sell and the more they buy from the suppliers or manufacturers. In turn, this means that the mattress they sell to you and the service they offer you will be an extension of the service offered by the manufacturer.

6. The brand – People tend to believe more in the brand than the actual performance of such a mattress. This is because the manufacturer builds their reputation solely by the quality of the mattress they sell. So it is important to go for well established brands. However, there is always a new brand getting introduced every other time. Much as a new brand is risky to invest in, you should always go to the store with an open mind.

Characteristics of a good retailer
A wide variety of mattresses – Any mattress sale with just two pieces, no matter how high-end such brands are, is not worth considering. You need a wide variety of options to pick from.

Good customer service – It goes without saying that a seller’s products are as good as their customer service. Confirm before stepping out of the store that the mattress you are buying has a warranty.

Educational materials – Every other day, there is something new about the sleeping world. A good seller should have such information with them and where possible should have the widest range to suit the different needs of the buyers.

A mattress sale is supposed to be fun more so because this bedroom item is meant to bring peace, bliss, rest, and comfort to your home. When going out to shop for a new one, make sure you pick the right mattress that will bring you all of these great things.